Rockledge Gardens

“We are very pleased with the Espoma product line and highly recommend it to our customers. We can, in confidence, tell them that is safe for the environment and that plants respond very well to it. Our employees use it at home and can give personal testimonies as well. The packaging is very appealing and is easy to merchandise. The company is great to work with and offers support that is above and beyond.”

Theresa Riley/OwnerRockledge Gardens

Hicks Nurseries Inc. – Westbury, NY

“As the Senior Buyer for Hicks Nurseries Inc. I have dealings with many manufacturers. Some are good, some bad and a few are excellent. One of the excellent ones is Espoma. They have always taken the lead in product selection and quality as well as packaging. It is so easy to offer my customers the finest in natural plant foods under one label. Their customer service and support is as good as their products. I am happy to recommend them to anyone wanting a complete line of plant foods from an great company.”

Bob Friedl / Senior Buyer Hicks Nurseries Inc., Westbury, NY

Van Wilgen’s Garden Center

“The Green Team of Van Wilgen’s Garden Center is always happy to sell and recommend the Espoma line of products. Offering a breath of products to address every customers’ needs, the line is reliable and well supported.

Our team has had a great deal of sucess with placement of the products along with the matching plant materials. The bags are eye-catching, easy to read and merchandise well.

Our rose expert Vinnie boast he uses Rosetone monthly April-September on his own garden of over 500 roses. Great results!”

Patrice DeFilippoVan Wilgen’s Garden Center, N. Branford, CT

Kingstown Farm, Home & Garden

“As a professional horticulturist and a gardener; I have always relied on Espoma products in the garden. Plant Tone has always been my favorite fertilizer because it is natural and now organic and is suitable for perennials and flowering shrubs. I have always been a fan of Holly Tone for acid loving plants and I always recommend Tomato Tone for the perfect nutrient balance of fertilizer and calcium to my tomato growing customers. As concerned citizens of our watersheds, customers are looking for organic products for their lawn and garden that nurture the soil and plants and do not contribute to nutrient run off.”

Robyn Affron C.P.H.Kingstown Farm, Home & Garden, Chestertown, MD

Sweeney Seed Company

“We at Sweeney Seed Company have supplied the homeowner and the commercial greens industry with the highest quality grass seed and fertilizers for over 30 years. Espoma organic plant foods have been our choice for best quality lawn and garden fertilizers. Espoma plant foods supply complete macro and micro nutrients and address all environmental concerns.”

“Espoma All Natural Lawn Food 7-2-2 is our very best lawn fertilizer. It supplies the proper balance of NPK, natural micro nutrients, and the Bio-tone package of beneficial soil bacteria. The addition of Bio-tone helps to convert the NPK and other nutrients in the soil into a form readily available to feed the grass plant. It greens faster and keeps feeding for up to 12 months. We recommend this natural lawn food for a greener, healthier lawn.”

Sweeney Seed CompanyClaymont, DE

Bowood Farms

“Bowood Farms currently has two green roofs we maintain. The lower roof is a production herb garden for our cafe, Cafe Osage. The upper roof is a groundcover garden where we plant our Pathway Beauties. We also must amend the roof soil each season and we scratched in compost and Plantone late last fall. One difficulty with the roof is weed seed blown by the wind. We have been using the Espoma Corn Gluten. It was applied last fall and was our last fall maintenance step. We will apply it again after planting this spring. During our spring planting we have been scratching in the Biotone. We feel the Espoma Products are very safe to use in our roof media!”

Ellen BarredoBowood Farms, St. Louis, Missouri

Sprainbrook Nursery

“Sprainbrook was started in 1944 and for as long as I can remember the Espoma line was our favorite fertilizer. Your advertising program, your sales staff, your point of sale merchandize and most important the quality of your fertilizers have made us life long advocates of your product. You introduced natural and organic products long before it became fashionable. We always found them to work best and customer feedback and repeat sales proved the worth of your product.

Two years ago we changed our operation to growing all of our plants organically and to advocate to the consumer a complete organic approach to gardening. We add Bio-tone Starter Plus to our organic soil mix and use it in all the installations of our landscape jobs. We recommend Plant tone to be used on all plants for a early spring feeding program. You were the leader in the organic movement. This is the trend and will be the way of the future.

Espoma is a great company. I like your new products. Keep up the good work.”

Al KrautterSprainbrook Nursery , Scarsdale, New York

Petitti Garden Centers

“For over 20 years, Petitti Garden Centers has been a proud distributor of Espoma products. We highly promote and encourage our customers to use these trusted products for their gardening solutions and have received nothing but positive feedback. In addition to being a growing category in our garden center, we are thankful for Espoma’s cooperative business efforts and their genuine interest to do whatever it takes to help increase sales. We look forward to continuing this strong retail manufacturing partnership for many years to come.”

Elizabeth EnglishPetitti Garden Centers, Oakwood Village, Ohio

Russell’s Garden Center

“We have been very pleased at the customer response to Espoma’s new line of organic potting soils. Customers have been asking for an organic choice and Espoma offers a full range of bag sizes and a easy to use ziploc bag that is very attractive. The soil is competitively priced and we are able to maintain a good profit margin.”

Maria WinterRussell’s Garden Center, Wayland, MA

Valley View Farms

“When the Espoma Company entered into the potting mix segment, we joined together to offer our customers the high quality products they have come to know from Espoma. The packaging of the line is outstanding and the superior mix is of Espoma standards. Our retail greenhouse staff has been using the Espoma Potting Mix to repot our customer’s plants with great results. Year one exceeded our expectations and we look to grow to new heights in future years to come.”

Brian Brannan, ManagerValley View Farms, Cockeysville, MD

Garland Nursery

“In the past, we were limited to the amount of cross-merchandising we could do given that boxed and paper bag plant foods don’t hold up well in Oregon weather. With Espoma’s great weather-proof packaging, we made a conscious effort to take their “tone” plant foods out into the live good areas and cross sell with plant material. We are excited to say we doubled our sales of Espoma products in 2010, and I know we can do it again next year. They are also great margin items for us. Garland Nursery is happy to recommend the line of Espoma natural organic plant foods.”

Erica Powell, OwnerGarland Nursery, Corvallis, OR

Somerset Nursery & GC

“We have been successfully selling Espoma products for many years. With the introduction of Espoma’s Bio-tone Starter Plus, we decided to conduct our own little “experiment” using tomato plants. The results were almost unbelievable. As we walked our customers past the display and they saw the difference using Bio-tone Starter Plus with their own eyes, it is very convincing. We are happy to recommend this product to our customers!”

Peggy SchwartzSomerset Nursery & GC, Glenmoore, PA


“We sell Espoma products for many reasons. First and foremost, they work well for our customer and once they have used them, they come back to us for more year after year. Second, we can make solid margin selling this product. Third, we like the family owned nature of Espoma as we believe they understand family owned, independent businesses. Finally, the Espoma team gives us the marketing and professional sales support we desire. We highly recommend Espoma as they are one of our true partners.”

Cory Bordine, OwnerBordines, Rochester Hills, MI

Dayton Nurseries

“For many years I have been telling our customers about the benefits of using Espoma fertilizers in your garden, landscapes and lawns. The reason I have endorsed the Espoma products are multiple in that they:

  • Behave similarly to slow release fertilizers in that bacterial action is necessary to release the nutrients to plants. The result is a slow, even feed of plants just like in nature.
  • Have a low salt index that is unlikely to burn plants especially salt sensitive ericaceous plants like rhodendron and azaleas. The low salt index is not harmful to beneficial soil organisms such as rhizobacteria and mycchorizae
  • Espoma fertilizers are environmentally friendly in that they are lower in phosphorus which is usually abundant enough in Ohio soils anyway. This lower phosphorus means less non-point pollution of creeks and streams as would more likely be caused by inorganic fertilizers that in many cases are higher in phosphorus.

In summary, the Espoma fertilizers result in good growth for plants and lawns as well as being environmentally friendly.”

Tom DaytonDayton Nurseries, Westervile, Ohio

Southern Charm Garden Center

“We are a family owned garden center serving the community of Franklin, VA. Our customers count on us for quality, knowledge, and service in every aspect of their gardening experience.

We wanted to replace our current brand of soil, a box store staple, with something our customers would expect from us. Espoma fit the bill! The quality, consistency and favorable price point got us to try it, but it has been the overwhelming response from our customers that has sold us. We use it exclusively in all of our custom containers.”

Brad & Mary Ann Turner, Owners Southern Charm Garden Center, Franklin, VA

Boulevard Flowers – Colonial Heights, VA

“We made a commitment to condense our product line of organics into one line and liked the way the Espoma line was being developed. We appreciated the history of the product and were aware of it’s commitment to organics before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. By allowing a better display area for these products and through narrowing the customer’s choices, we have found that we increased sales in this area by nearly 50% and reduced our sku’s by 1/3. The packaging allowed this product to be placed directly outside in our nursery and with perennial plants. This has accounted for many add on sales, as well as product recognition and ensuing customer success. Our customer’s continue to ask for this product by name and we feel we have a real strong product line that we can stand behind.”

Mark Landa, OwnerBoulevard Flowers, Colonial Heights, VA

Antique Rose Emporium

“I won’t sell something to our customers without testing it out first in our own garden. The Espoma Rose-tone was tested side by side with our own fertilizer as well a couple of other brands. We were thrilled with the results from the Espoma Rose-tone. It is very important to us to have a great quality rose fertilizer. We are roses after all.

We can recommend the Espoma Rose-tone to our customers and they are coming back for more once they have tried it and seen the results.”

Robbi Will Antique Rose Emporium, Snohomish, WA

Barlow’s Flower Farms – Sea Girt, NJ

“We increased sales by placing Espoma products (because of their weatherproof packaging) in front of our outdoor (seasonal) check-out area. Keeping the 4-shelf rack stocked presents products in an attractive, eye-catching display. The majority of our chemical products are displayed where they are protected from the elements. Your display racks and packaging choices made Espoma a “natural” choice for Barlow’s position in our most prominent retail space.”

Barlow’s Flower Farms Sea Girt, NJ

Westlake Hardware

“At Westlake Ace Hardware, we are all about customer satisfaction. That’s one of the many reasons we offer and highly recommend Espoma products to our customers. We are confident in the quality of this brand and we carry a wide variety of Espoma products to satisfy every customers needs. Espoma’s packaging is customer friendly, informative and creates a wall of color that always catches the customers attention.”

Bobby Welliver, General ManagerWestlake Hardware, St. Louis, MO

The Dee’s Nursery & Florist

“At Dees Nursery we promote Espoma products because they give our customers great results, they support our garden center, have gorgeous packaging and they are environmentally responsible.”

Joe Di DominicaThe Dee’s Nursery & Florist, Oceanside, NYDeesNursery.com

Fanick’s Garden Center

“FANICK’S GARDEN CENTER is a third generation nursery that was established in 1939 under my grandfather Eddie Fanick. We have seen a lot of changes in our industry but the most significant change has been the need to protect our fragile planet. For us it started in 1997 with the help of Bob Webster who hosts a radio show on 550 KTSA AM in San Antonio. With his and our passion we have helped to educate the public on how to garden without the need of highly toxic pesticides in spreading contaminating inert ingredients from fertilizers all over our lawns. This is why I am writing you this letter. Your products are so easy to sell because the ingredients in your fertilizers are exactly what we have been telling our customers to use and what you see on the informative label is easy to understand. The packaging is so colorful and vibrant one can’t help but take a closer look. Not to mention, the huge selection you offer makes it easy to find a fertilizer from bulbs to trees and everything between.

The first year we started to carry your products was 2002 where we allocated one shelf about three feet long dedicated to your products on a trial run. In 2004 we had bought the equivalent of a truckload one pallet at a time, and in 2005 through 2007, we bought a truck load each year plus extra items as needed. At the end of 2008, we sold a truckload and a half from one vender and 4 pallets from a different vender plus loose items as needed.

Now as I am writing you in the spring of 2009 in the midst of a recession, we sold 35% of this year’s quota, and it is only March 2nd. Thank you for working with BWI Companies as a carrier. Credit goes to BWI too for introducing your line of products to us. Because without your products, we would not have had some of the most profitable years, measured by sales and keeping our environment safe for our children of the future generations.

I would also like to thank you for your support in 2009 helping us celebrate our 70th year in business, and with you at our side, this will be our most profitable year yet.”

Mark FanickFanick’s Garden Center, San Antonio, TX