Co-op Policy

Dealer Cooperative Advertising Program

The Espoma Company will pay the cost of advertising space devoted to Espoma branded products up to 3% of the dealer’s net purchases. This policy is subject to the restrictions below.


  • A product image is required from company supplied artwork. All images must be up to date – you may obtain images at: clicking here.
  • Espoma products must NOT be shown adjacent to competing brands or be used in “Compare & Save” ads.
  • Espoma will not reimburse for agency commissions, production costs, special position charges, or special handling charges.
  • Ads must run between March 1 and October 31.
  • Claims must be submitted within 60 days after the ad is run. No claims will be accepted for the prior year’s advertisements.
  • Espoma will only reimburse for the cost of space devoted to Espoma products.
    Minimum claim is $45.
  • Use of Co-op for employee apparel is not acceptable.
  • All radio, television, email messages and Internet marketing/advertising require prior approval for reimbursement.

Requirements for Print Claim:

  • Full page tear sheet of the ad (no photocopies, video, or email message).
  • Publisher’s invoice
  • Proof of purchases (invoices) to establish budget.
  • Incomplete claims will be returned for required documentation.

E Mail / E Marketing Co-Op Policy

The Espoma Company will reimburse for email campaigns on the following schedule:

  • Espoma brands shown with other products $4 / m messages sent
  • Email dedicated to only Espoma brands $8 / m messages sent
  • Maximum payment per email message is $100

Requirements for E-Mail Claim:

  • A copy of the email message
  • A statement from an email list manager (i.e. Constant Contact) noting the following:
    • The total number or recipients
    • Date & time the message was sent
    • The bounce, open & click through rates associated with the message one week or more from the day of delivery.
  • Proof of purchases (vendor invoices) to establish budget.
  • Incomplete claims will be returned for required documentation
  • The Espoma Company cannot reimburse for activity at social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
  • If a custom email marketing plan is desired please contact your Espoma Territory Sales Manager.

Send claim to:

The Espoma Company
Attn: Cooperative Advertising Dept.

6 Espoma Rd.
Millville, NJ 08332

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call our customer service department at